Captchas in the jDownloader 2

If there are captchas in the jDownloader, we recommend that you deactivate the downloads in your account.
This is possible via account usage rules and must be created individually for each hoster.

You can find detailed instructions here: Account Usage Rule : Disable Free Download (@jdownloader.org

Error codes / error messages

In the event of an error, our site issues the following error messages:

Error code 1:
The account is no longer available.

Error code 2:
There is not enough traffic!

Error code 3:
There is not enough premium traffic.

Error code 4:
You are doing too many simultaneous downloads.

Error Code 5:
There was an error validating your account. Please log in again.

Error code 6:
No or no valid link was given.

Error code 8:
Temporary error ... try again in a few minutes!

Error code 9:
The specified file was not found.

Error code 10:
The hoster is not supported

Error code 11:
The hoster is currently performing maintenance work or cannot be reached.

Error code 12:
We are currently doing maintenance.

Error code 13:
Password required or wrong password if a password was sent.

Error code 14:
Your host-specific traffic limit has been reached.
The limit of limited hosters (such as Rapidgator or Nitroflare) has been used up.

Error code 15:
Your host-specific request traffic limit has been reached.
The limit of limited hosters (such as Rapidgator or Nitroflare) was exceeded by requests, then only links that have already been requested can be downloaded.
This is necessary in order not to use unnecessary traffic from our hoster accounts.

Error code 16:
General error, contact support for more information or how to fix the error.

Some hosters are reporting error 503

The hosters then usually work, we only had to activate a caching system for these hosters for reasons of stability. Affected are e.g. Nitroflare and Rapidgator.

When a download link is requested for the first time, it is first fully loaded onto our server and then transferred from there to the user.